Customer Service Representative

I know what you’re thinking, how did Katana get her name? It was the talk of the office when she first arrived. Is it the Japanese sword? The motorcycle? The short answer is that her parents were big Mortal Kombat fans back in the 90s, just one of the many things that makes this girl interesting.

Katana grew up here on the central coast, graduating early from Arroyo Grande High School in 2015. Katana’s pastimes include playing video games, watching rom-coms, and baking all the goodies! You could say Katana is somewhat of a food connoisseur, with goals to taste and create all the food our beautiful world has to offer.

Katana has donated her time to helping with LGBTQ+ community locally for the past couple years, including participation in Santa Maria Pride, Five Cities Pride, SLO Pride events, and smaller events like Drag Queen Storytime for LGBTQ+ youth. Katana is a makeup artist and a drag performer, and a supporter of justice and equality. She also supports the BLM movement.

Being raised with a big heart is what drew Katana to want to work with the amazing staff at Pismo Beach Vet Clinic. She is happy to get to work in a place that aligns with her values of caring for all forms of life. While she cannot own any furry friends due to her rental policy, she shares a home with her amazing fiancé (which is sort of like having a pet, right?). All jokes aside, she gets her doses of pet-loving vicariously through her friends and now here, at our wonderful practice.

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