Customer Service Representative

Raya started working at Pismo Beach Veterinary in March, 2019. She has a passion for animals and loves working in the vet industry. She has two senior dogs, one 11yr old Jack Russel named Molly and a 9yr old pit/lab mix named Liam. They both get along great and are “two peas in a pod”. Her dogs put a smile on her face every single day and she’s so grateful to be able to call them her “fur-babies”! Liam has been her heart since he was a pup and Miss Molly has just come into her life just a few years back. Raya grew up here on the Central Coast and doesn’t see herself living anywhere else anytime soon as she is spoiled by the weather. She loves everything that would be expected of a Central Coast local such as the beach, the sunshine, and the lovely people that live in this beautiful area. She feels lucky to live and work in such a beautiful area and to do something she loves!

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