Customer Service Representative

Victoria joined the Pismo Beach Vet team in October 2020. Although she wasn’t able to have pets of her own growing up, she’s always had a love for animals. When she was younger, she was a pet sitter and dog walker, even helping care for fosters animals including dogs with special needs and young puppies. Before joining the veterinary industry, she worked for Santa Barbara County Animal Services caring for shelter animals and helping them find their forever homes.

As for Victoria’s own family pets, she and her husband Beau share two cats, Melody and Papaya. They also share seven domestic ducks; Bobbles, Sweet Pea, Rosie, Buttercup, Sophie, Honey, April as well as a call duck named Peep. Victoria and Beau also use their ducks’ social media to work on educating the public on the prominence of duck dumping, as well as working with rescues and county entities to rescue and find homes for dumped ducks.

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